Humans beings are the most versatile and sophisticated musical instrument of all, and for a long and healthy professional life a performer needs both physical and mental stamina, and well-organised and efficient self-use. Over time, too many musicians succumb to the kinds of injuries that a demanding schedule of rehearsal, performance and travel can bring on.

The Feldenkrais Method was designed to enable us to access the brain’s ability to unlearn old, unhelpful habits, and replace them with new, better, more effective ways of moving and being. As we rediscover our innate human ability to act with less effort, and ever greater ease, our performance becomes ever more confident, charismatic and joyous.

“The aim is a person that is organised to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.”  Moshe Feldenkrais

Do you suffer from playing-related injuries or pain?

Are you satisfied with your playing?

Are you happy with your sound?

Do you feel you can vary your sound to get the results you want?

Is it easy to realise your musical intentions?

Do you find playing your instrument/singing a physical pleasure?

Is your practice efficient? Do you know what to change to get a better result?

Some of the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method

 Physical Performance


 • Overcome and prevent performance-related injuries

• Relief from aches and pains

• Reduction in tension and effort

• Greater relaxation and well-being

 Mental Performance


•Enhanced coordination

• Increased quality and range of movement

• Effortless posture

• Greater ease, grace and pleasure



 • Increased mental clarity and enhanced learning skills

• Relief from stress and performance anxiety

• Increased creativity

• Freer musical expression

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