Here you will find links to recorded Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons available to purchase as CDs or downloads.


 Vocal Integration Audio Set Richard Corbeil Improve speaking and singing by emulating the kind of movements and sounds that infants use to develop their voices!


In Tune with Yourself: Feldenkrais for Musicians 2010 Jerry Karzen This audio program was recorded during a two-day workshop for musicians in Vienna, Austria. The participants were made up of musicians of many different backgrounds, including a number from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Awareness Through Movement for Musicians

 Jack Heggie and Ellen Rose  A short written lesson for musicians.

Arms and Hands

Optimal Moves: Effortless Use of the Arms and Hands

Vol I

Vol II

 Mary Spire  These lessons focus on how to use the strong and powerful muscles of the trunk to free the shoulders and neck allowing for lighter easier movement of the arms wrists and fingers and the overall reduction of strain.


The Dynamic Musician Series

Dynamic Stability and Breath, vol. 1 and 2

 John Tarr


This series focuses on the two most fundamental aspects of singing and wind instrument playing: relaxed posture and freer breathing.


 Embodied Musician

Breath and Balance for Flutists vol 1

 Niall O’Riordan Improve your breathing, reduce aches and pains, free your shoulders, develop self-awareness and prevent future discomfort or injury, discover better balance.  Improve your playing from the inside out