Workshops and Events

Feldenkrais Awareness Week was 5th – 13th May 2019

The UK Guild have added lots of new lessons to the audio library . Do check them out.

There was also an International Feldenkrais Awareness Summit at the beginning of May. You can pay for unlimited access to listen to the 27 speakers including Cellist Uri Vardi; Listening to Your Body: Exploring Music Kinesthetically

Integrating The Rhythms Of Life: Harmonising Sphincters & Diaphragms

with Maggy Burrowes

June 1st       1–5pm        £60/£50

Synchronise, harmonise and integrate the inner pulsations, oscillations and rippling, fluid connections between your many sphincters and your many diaphragms, and discover how to dance with joy to your inner beat.

Human beings are not like mechanisms, instead we are a sophisticated system of integrated processes, and we are always adjusting our inner state of being, but not always with a clear  awareness of how to establish a more lasting, deeper-rooted experience of well being. This workshop will provide you with a set of Awareness Through Movement sequences that will–with regular practice–rebuild your core organisation from the inside out. This workshop is central to both my Embodied Voice and BodyMindfulness trainings. It uses some sounds but does not involve any performance elements. If you would like to know more about this aspect of my teaching, you can read a more detail explanation in the attached article from my website, or go to my FaceBook page, Feldenkrais & Embodied Voice with Maggy Burrowes.

Playing with Ease: Explore Your Potential

Saturday 15 June 2019

Benslow Music

With Josephine Horder, Yeu Meng Chan

In this one day workshop inspired by the Feldenkrais Method you will explore how your current habits may be affecting your ease and enjoyment when you play. You will have the opportunity to develop a dynamic balance in sitting or standing which can support and liberate your relationship to your instrument. You will go on to explore how you use your arms and open up pathways to easier movement which can liberate your potential to express yourself through your playing. You will relate easier movement of the arms to what you have learnt about dynamic balance in sitting or standing.

Read here about last years’ workshop.

Here’s what one participant said about the workshop:

“I wanted to thank you and Jo for running the ’Playing with Ease’ workshop at Benslow Music, it was
brilliant and very enlightening. I would definitely recommend Feldenkrais® to my friends and other
players having been on the day. I have also been thinking about the things that we learned whilst
playing and while at work and started to notice habits that could be changed to help with general
movement. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Nicola Claiden, Flautist